Brand Guidelines

This brand guidelines are about the Swan Hill region brand. It is a road map to ensure everything – from fonts, colours, and logo usage, to the words we choose for our marketing campaigns – consistently tell the same story, and create the impression we want for our region.

Brand statement

A brand positioning statement is an internal guide for all brand and communication strategies. It outlines the strengths and associations that make a brand not only different but meaningful. So what’s our brand statement?

“To create and promote an authentic and genuine country experience filled with exciting nature based activites, unspoilt natural beauties, history and culture”

Brand Personality

Our personality defines the individuality of our brand. It defines who we are and how others perceive our brand.

Everything from our natural wonders to varied experiences are authentic and unspoiled.

We value the rich history and tradition, which is the core of our region.

We’re a welcoming region and are always here to offer assistance to any visitors.

Everyday is filled with opportunities to find new adventures to explore and enjoy.