At Swan Hill Incorporated we’re responsible for developing a coordinated strategic plan and marketing strategy to promote the Swan Hill region as a place to visit, shop, live and work.

Our activities are funded by a Special Marketing Rate which, after extensive consultation with the business community, was applied from 1 July 2014 for a period of 5 years. Swan Hill Incorporated also has the ability to raise additional funds to support the achievement of these strategic directions.

Our strategic priorities include:

  1. Increasing visitation to the region by marketing the Swan Hill Region as a place to visit and enjoy.

  2. Promoting the Swan Hill region as a place to shop.

  3. Engaging with and advocating on behalf of members.

  4. Providing support and direction to members and encourage the provision of quality service.

During the previous renewal period of the Special Rate, Swan Hill Incorporated representatives contacted many members. We were able to receive valuable feedback from our members in regards to our structure, objectives and how we communicate with them.

Advocating on behalf of members

This feedback led to a new focus of engaging with, and advocating on behalf of, our members. We aim to communicate regularly and clearly with our members about issues, projects and information to keep them informed and assist them in the running of their business more effectively.

We also do business visits and phone calls to obtain feedback and discuss Swan Hill Incorporated initiatives.

Initiatives to grow our business community

Since the declaration of the Special Rate in 2002, Swan Hill Incorporated has matured and evolved with a structure we believe will take the organisation to a higher level. It encourages involvement from members in a way that is more convenient to them and provides members with further support including regular forums, networking and knowledge sharing to grow our business community.

Our volunteer committees

Our committees have been re-aligned to be more functional than industry-focused with the exception of the Traders Committee (previously known as the Retail Committee). This Committee will continue its important role of promoting the importance of shopping locally.

The new structure will enable members with specific expertise and skills to be seconded to projects they can have input into. We believe this is more aligned to supporting our members in an open and engaging way and has a strong focus towards the purpose of Swan Hill Inc, to market and promote the Swan Hill region.